An independent pub in the heart of Bridport.

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Live Music

The Woodman is the place for intimate and interactive live music

The Woodman embraces the traditions of a proper West Country pub and you are as likely to stumble in on an impromptu folk session as you are a drinking session – although, let’s be honest, the two are so often combined!

With shouts of ‘Wassail’ and ‘Drinc Hail’ toasts are raised to Farmers, Fisherman and Landlords as Folk Nights and Solo Sets spill over into full blown, entire pub sing-a-longs. Don’t be afraid, cider helps loosen the vocal chords and there is always a warm welcome for anyone willing to simply tap along!

The small, intimate setting is also perfect to showcase some of the county’s, country’s and even international artists that pass through Bridport, West Dorset’s eventful and cultural hub. Critical acclaimed up-and-coming artists, such as Eve Appleton Scott, Aidan Simpson and John Butler, can be found playing to an always receptive Woodman crowd.

The Woodman is also the venue for the occasional full band gig, such as local legends the Skalatans, where the entire building shakes to their classic Ska brass rumble. Or Hub Cap Moon whose rock-a-billy punk rebellion fits perfectly with the independent Woodman spirit!

Part of the Bridport Folk Festival trail since 2018 (of course, but also proudly on the fringes!), The Woodman always offers something new and different alongside favourites. Keep in touch on social media for last minute announcements!