An independent pub in the heart of Bridport.

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Expertly Curated Music

The Woodman is home to alternative DJs and expertly curated music

The Woodman is the place to come to listen to the smoothest cuts and deepest grooves as a selection of the finest music aficionados in the South West share their expertly curated collections. Throughout the month, stay tuned to find out our regular and guest DJs, from Jazz to Ambient to Post-Punk to Dub Ska, The Woodman offers the best in alternative sounds.

You can also expect to hear some interesting and considered music playing in the background anytime when there’s no Live Event, Impromptu Session or DJ set. Landlord Darren brings his experience of intelligent techno, chill wave, world music and beats to a fantastic regular Woodman playlist.

Bar Tender Taz will prove that the last 70 years have produced some incredible heavy rock, drone, and metal that is matched only by classical in its virtuosity.

Lee might even play some 1980s and 90s classics too. If you ask nicely. : )