An independent pub in the heart of Bridport.

Drinc Hail!

The Sound
Of The Woodman

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Regular organized folk nights and spontaneous shanty sessions, music bursts forth from every corner of the Woodman, day and night! Keep an eye on our upcoming events and also pay close attention to Social Media (Facebook and Instagram) for what's happening, but sometimes you might just stumble across an impromptu jamming session between world class musicians and local players alike.

The Woodman is the place to come to listen to smoothest cuts and the deepest grooves as a selection of the finest music aficionados in the South West share their expertly curated collections. Throughout the month, stay tuned to find out our regular and guest DJs, From Jazz to Ambient to Post-Punk to Dub Ska, The Woodman offers the best in alternative sounds.

The Woodman is incredibly proud to support and continue the ancient tradition of the public House as venue for Telling Stories; from the gnarly and the beautiful, from local folk tales to parables from the worlds great religions, Greek myth, Arabian nights, modern punkish calls for solidarity and bawdy tales form behind the bar!

Small pub, big sound! Music is incredibly important to all of us at the Woodman, and along with our own playlists, DJ sets, specific singer/songwriters/folk/traditional sessions we also support a fantastic range of local and national (international!) acts that pass through Bridport. Check out what's coming up and follow our Instagram and Facebook for last minute surprises!

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