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All are welcome to the Woodman for nights of traditional music and storytelling, DJS and live bands, Sea Shanties and Jazz Night! If you can't make it, then most nights will be available to watch LIVE via the streaming page, or very shortly after.


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    Hi, my name is Maddy and I am married to Vic and mum to Archie who is 16 and Mabelle who is 13.
    Our lives turned upside down last summer when Vic was diagnosed with stage 4 EGFR lung cancer. This EGFR strain of non-small-cell lung cancer does respond to an inhibitor drug called osimertinib. However we know that the cancer will become immune to its effects and will start growing again. At that point the oncology team have warned us that it’s a nightmare and decline will likely be fast.
    We desperately don’t want to lose him. I want him
    to see the children grown up, I want to share my whole life with him. He’s my best-mate, my soulmate, my absolute rock.
    Vic is a dynamo in our community, not shying away from saying what needs to be said. He has created a fantastic rural business which is creating jobs and is many peoples’ favourite place. He has won countless awards for his brewing and is known to have a heart of gold.
    We are funding raising for funds to buy a hyperbaric oxygen chamber for home (£15k) Research shows cancer hates oxygen so breathing it under pressure gets it right where it needs to go. The rest of the funds are needed to fund specialist gene profiling with Dorset Cancer Care. This private cancer specialist offers gene profiling and treatment . Using cancer treatment from Europe where they are on average 8 years ahead from what is available in the UK under the NHS.
    We hope this will at least give us a plan B for when osimertinib will cease working. Cancer Research information on osimertinib states it can stop working from 11 months of starting taking it and average life expectancy is 36 months after diagnosis. We are now 11 months from diagnosis so it feels like living with a glint of the guillotine out the corner of one’s eye.
    Any donations are so very gratefully received. We just can’t imagine life without him.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.